2024 Lost & Found Jersey

We have a Lost Sierra inspired design, less race and more casual, to match the performance shirt cut, on-trend for gravel, something a rider could wear in a group ride for some "street cred" and still be able to walk into a rural market and not look like a kook. :)

Order when you register on BikeReg or buy in person at our booth at Lost and Found.

  • Made by Voler. Velocity Endurance Air Tee. The Endurance Air Tee full of tech that’s perfect for riding, running, hiking, SUPing, lifting, yoga’ing...anywhere you want a little extra performance from your top. Wick. Stretch. Endure. Protect. Repeat. It’s US made from adaptive mesh fabric and fit for however you like to get your adventure on.
  • Sun Protection: UPF 35+ coverage throughout the garment.
  • Made in the USA by Voler at Grover Beach, California from 100% USA milled fabrics and thread 
  • Men and Women's specific cuts.


2024 Lost and Found Women's Jersey Front


2024 Lost and Found Women's Jersey Back


2024 Lost and Found Men's Jersey Front


2024 Lost and Found Men's Jersey Back


The on-course tongue-in-cheek "VICIOUS COWS on RD" local flavor :)